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Democratize The Cloud. We are dedicated to provide the best and most sophisticated solutions from the enterprise market to the consumer market by making them affordable and easy to use. Our products and services are not fixed at any end, and we are continuously and dynamically adding more features and solutions to our services to ensure the best web presence for our clients and to continue to lead the industry to new standards.


We view problems as opportunities for us to solve and we always take the leap to find solutions for any problem. At MiniCloud, the limits of invention are endless and we work around the clock to come up with solutions that bring convenience and peace of mind to our clients. Our work is filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in several areas to protect our intellectual properties and to keep the momentum going.


The future of computing is public collaborative computing and we view Cloud technology as the best model for such future. Thanks to the invention of optical fiber, internet, and the tremendous innovation in software virtualization, today's Cloud computing couldn't be healthier. Trillions of requests are served every day, and we are very optimistic about the future and keeping a close eye on IPv6, parallel computing and <20nm technologies.

San Diego, CA
350 10th ave suite 1000
+1 (619) 344-8338